Personal Learning Challenge Plan- Week1

This post is about personal Learning Challenge in EDCI335.

One of my favourite thing to do in my spare time is watching YouTube videos about makeup tutorials. I have always been interested in makeup. In my opinion makeup is not only about appearance, it also involves courage and creativity. The concept of makeup is to modify people’s appearance through cosmetics, tools and techniques. People using makeup to gain confidence. For example, a lot of actors, stars, and professionals want to achieve a successful career, they need to apply makeup to attend events and shows. This is not only a kind of respect for others, but also a respect for themselves. Some successful makeup artists take years to practice their techniques.  An excellent makeup artist should first have a keen eye for observation. They can discover the beauty of each person’s own conditions, and then enlarge their beauty close to perfection. However, to finish one complete makeup routine takes a long time to practice.

I have never done a full makeup. My goal for the next five weeks is to learn to apply a full makeup and create two looks that are suitable for school and events. I only had some basic untrained experience before. After this challenge, I want to gain more knowledge on the tools, products and the procedures of a makeup look. I also want to know more about the history and concept of makeup. I well document my learning challenge through photos and videos.

Through this personal learning challenge, I will engage my experience with encoding, consolidation, and retrieval.(1) Also I will use technologies to document the progress.   First I will do some research on the backgrounds of makeup. Understanding the use of each cosmetic.  I also need to browse through a lot of looks online or in magazines and books. I can discuss with my friends and see their opinion on the looks.

After we choose the looks, I will watch makeup tutorials and learn from their techniques. Adjust the looks with my past experiences. Consolidation with my experience with the tutorials. (2)

Then I have to practice the procedures. I can practice before I go to school and get feedback of the look from my classmates.  I can also practice on my friends face to see if the look is suitable for everyone.  I will document my practice and compare my first attempts and my final attempts.

Finally record my last makeup and assess the look to see if it is going to be successful. I can receive feedback from my friends. I can get immediate feedback from them. Based on B.F. Skinner’s approach(3), I can get feedback from their positive or negative review.


(2) image :



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