Peer Review of Interactive Learning Resource

This post is to review an Interactive Learning Resource, Chinese Tea and Chinese Culture by Qianyun Zhang, Yue Hou, Boyin Feng, and Xue Wang from Edci 335 class.

 First, I wanted to say that this interactive learning resource is very well done. When I first opened the Word Press, I was amazed by the design and style of the site. The site was very simple and unique. Everything was well organized, I can easily find the resource content by the title bar. Word press was a new learning technology for me, I have only used during our Edci 335 class. However, I started to fall in love with Word Press because  it was very simple and easy to use. The directions are easy to follow and there are many customize theme to choose. Also, Word press are very simple for readers to use. I think the group have chosen a great technology to post their resource.

Secondly, the introduction and sub-topics of the learning resource are very well organized. The learning outcomes are listed by bullets on the main page. The main topic and outcomes are clearly stated. I can catch the main idea quickly.

I have noticed there are many photos and videos in the post. When I click the sub-topic 1, there are three videos directly related to the history topic of Chinese tea as well as three linked articles.  Also there are activities such as multiple choice questions, discussions and quizzes following each sub-topics. I  think they are really helpful for leaners to test themselves with the course materials. The sub-topic 1 and 2 of the post have included many interactive resources. As a learner myself, I can easily follow the instructions and read through all the materials. The videos are really interesting also easy to understand.

One little thing I wanted to suggest is to add more interactive resource on sub-topic 3 and 4. When I clicked on the Sub-topic 3 and 4, I have noticed the content are mainly writings. There were no photos or videos in these two topics. Because the content is about the culture and functions of Chinese tea, I suggest to add few photos or videos to explain the topic. This could give learners a better understanding of Chinese tea. I was hoping for more photo explanations for the  growing status of the tea.  Also on the topic 4 I would recommend to add a link to the article of the activities so that I can find the article easily.

I think this Interactive Learning Resource have a well organized content with clear outcome and sub topics. The resource was interactive with videos, photos and small activities.  There are only some small errors with grammar and spelling (I might be wrong because English is not my first language) The content overall are very easy to follow. The resource are well presented. After I read through the Interactive Learning Resource I have more knowledge about Chinese tea. I can’t wait to know more in the future. I think the group have done a great job.

Personal learning challenge -week5

This week is the last week for the personal learning challenge. I have learned a lot through past few weeks. This challenge have really help me to be creative and efficient. I started this learning challenge only with an idea and some personal interests. But now I have complete the challenge and learned a lot more information about makeup.

 During the second and third weeks of the challenge, I have learned to plan the process, make guidelines and set goals for my challenge. I think the third week readings really help me to finish this challenge. The reading talks about how to design the course. I think with a good outline it is  going to be easier to complete the course material.  I have created the guideline and make some alteration with my content. Then I follow my guideline to complete the challenge.

When I was doing the personal challenge, I also had some bad times. During the fist make up look, I had some difficult time deciding the look. I was hesitating to show the look to my friends. I did not have enough confident on my own. However, when I have the face to face time with my friends, they had given me many positive feed back about my first look. They also give me some advice for choosing the look. It is really important to have someone to review the content.

 In my opinion, one of the important content about my personal learning challenge is technology and media. I have used  media such as, Youtube,  online site and e-magazines to do my challenge. I learned many new information online through these media. When I was doing the week four readings I have learned unique characteristics of the different media. For my personal challenge, I have include video, text and pictures in my content. I think it is very important to use these medias and make students to interact and engage with the content.

For the last week of this personal challenge, I have completed my last makeup look. The last look is about a look that is suitable for important event. I have choose more colourful eye shadows such as red, orange and also added some sparkling on the top of the eyelid. To complete the look, I choose a red lip stick.

This is the second look. I have used orange, red colour as my base tone. This look is suitable for event and night.

This is the first look for my school makeup


Lastly, I wanted to review Alex Deweert’s blog.

I think his blog is really creative and inspirational. His magic challenge was very interesting. When I was reading his blog I have leaned many new things about magic tricks. Also his personal interpretation about readings were very  detailed. In his post 3, “Deep Learning vs. Surface Learning” his example about his Calculus class which related to deep understanding was very interesting. I love how he relate his personal  experience with the reading together. I think his blog was very interesting to read and he did a great job on his personal learning challenge.

Personal Learning Challenge- Week 4

Technology refers to tools and machines that may be used to solve real-world problems. (1) Now days, technologies have been very useful teaching and learning tools in education. In school, teachers are using technology to communicate and teach. Example of technology that we use very often are computers and iPad. Now days in school, teachers are more likely to use technologies to teach than writing on the blackboard. Technologies can save lots of time. In chapter 6, the author has separate technology and media. He stated: “technologies do not of themselves communicate or create meaning”, however, media require an active act of creation of content and communication, and someone who receives and understands the communication. (2) Most class in universities, teachers are using course space to post course content, announcement and communicate with students. For my past 3 years in school, the course space has changed completely.  Digital media and the Internet increasingly are incorporating and integrating all previous media. We now can add all kinds of text, graphics, audio, video to the media in learning and teaching.

However, in my opinion I still think face to face teaching is very important. As an economic student, there are lots of courses require difficult calculations and graphs. When doing these calculations, one step of mistakes can get a completely different result, so I would prefer to follow the steps with the correct method and  get my mistakes correct right way. Face to face teaching can get immediate feedback from teachers.

When I am doing online learnings, I would include lots of medias to help the content to be more interesting. There are unique pedagogical characteristics of the different media discussed in this chapter 7. For my personal challenge, I have include video, text and pictures in my content. I think it is very important to use these medias and make students to interact and engage with the content.

 From Bonni Stachowiake “How to get students engaging with each other in online or blended classes” (3) I have learned to find the correct tool to communicate with each other (drop box or google drive). Then peer review each other’s work giving feedback. Also communicate with my members often. I think I could use these media when I am doing the Interactive Learning Resource with my group.

This week challenge for me is to complete my first makeup look for school. I have record the progress and the final look in video and photos. To cooperate with different media, I could record my progress of my personal learning challenge clearly. I can study from my past videos and photos as well.

Final look for my first makeup look:

(1) (2):


Personal Learning Challenge -Week3

The third week personal learning challenge for me is to create and design one of the look for my makeup challenge.  The second chapter of the book is about design. I have learned that design is central to releasing the potential of blended learning.  My purpose of this week challenge is to design a suitable makeup routine that for school. The central contemporary educational challenge is to design purposeful educational experiences using the Internet to improve my-self.

Be able to create this first look, I need to plan the process includes consideration of many content and process issues related to the look. I need to choose a suitable colour  for school. Also the tone of the look need to be natural and matching my skin colour. I have list of principles and guidelines to create this look.


  1. School makeup look (finding similar on internet )
  2. Deciding the tone of the look .
  3. Matching the colour of eye shadow and lip colour
  4. Easy to apply and avoiding difficult procedures
  5. Forming the look
  6. Trying to apply the makeup
  7. Assessment

Following the guidelines, I started to create this look.  However, I have experienced some difficulties and have to recreate the look. When I am planning the look, I have difficulties finding the right colour. I only have few eye shadows palette and I could not find the colour that I want. So I have to make some changes.  In the second chapter of the book, the author mentioned flexibility is a key design consideration. At the end of planning, I have decided to change the colour and blend in with my own experience. I decide two create two look, one is brown  base and another is light pink. I decide to give my self an alternative choice and after I can ask my friend’s opinion on these two looks.

Two Looks:

Ligt Pink

Brown look:

I have choose these four colour as my eyeshadow colour for the brown look because they are very natural colour and easy to combine.

To match with the eyeshadow, I have choose this light pink as blush. I want to use this colour to give this look a little pop.

Light Pink:

For the pink look I have chose four colours as my eyeshadow, I wanted to deepen the outline of the eyes so I have choose a red colour to add to the end of the eye line.

For this look I have pair with a light pink blush colour. I did not want too many bright colour in my face so other than eyes, I choose light colour for face and lip.

After I finish the two looks, I have asked my friends for advices. They have given me feedback that the brown look is more suitable for school but I still need more practice on many details such as eyeliner.

To conclude for this week, I have learned how to design a look and a course. I need to have clear organization of the challenge and construct a guideline. Do the appropriate preparation. I also have learned to be more flexible with the content. Also it is very important to ask advice when design a challenge. I hop next week I can create a more exciting look for my challenge.

Post 2 Personal Learning Challenge-week2

The second week challenge for me is to face the challenge. After I planed the challenge, this week is to find out the answer and try the challenge on my own. When I did the online questions about the forces of the basketball, I have chosen the wrong answer at first, because I did not have any ideas about the force of the ball. However, after watched the video I still could not decide on the answer because of the confirmation bias. When I am learning new things, I always find it to be more difficult because it was new. If the new knowledge are relate to my past knowledge, I could understand more easily. Like the video of Destin Sandlin at Smarter Every Day(1). The difficulty of learning a skill like riding a backwards bike is Sandlin knew before he tried the challenge he might fail the challenge. He viewed this challenge with bias at first.  The only way for him to success is to practice. So for this week, when I did my challenge, I was trying to do adapting less with my past knowledge and learn with a fresh start. Also  Practice  everyday.

The second week of my learning challenge is to do some research on the backgrounds of makeup. Understanding the use of each cosmetics and following the online tutorials.  Because this personal challenge requires lots of digital studying tools, I have put my main focus on YouTube. However, the chapter 3 of the book “Teaching in a Digital age”  have taught me to look into variety of resources and find multiple  method to develop my personal learning skill. I have decide to look into other online methods. I started to design a learning model for myself and follow the model to complete the tasks. I have look into more academic resources, have a epistemological basis and give my self plenty flexible access to learning.  

 The History of  makeup(2):

The history of cosmetics spans at least 7,000 years and is present in almost every society on earth. Cosmetic body art is argued to have been the earliest form of a ritual in human culture. The evidence for this comes in the form of utilised red mineral pigments including crayons associated with the emergence of Homo sapiens in Africa.

During the early 1900s, makeup was not excessively popular. In fact, women hardly wore makeup at all. Around 1910, make-up became fashionable in the United States of America and Europe owing to the influence of ballet and theatre stars such as Mathilde Kschessinska and Sarah Bernhardt. Colored makeup was introduced in Paris upon the arrival of the Russian Ballet in 1910, where ochers and crimsons were the most typical shades. In the time period after the First World War, there was a boom in cosmetic surgery. During the 1920s and 1930s, facial configuration and social identity dominated a plastic surgeon’s world.

Now in 21st century, beauty products are now widely available from dedicated internet-only retailers, who have more recently been joined online by established outlets, including the major department stores and traditional bricks and mortar beauty retailers.

Cosmetics and procedures:

  1. Apply primer. Then find a foundation that match the skin color, apply a color corrector to cover the dark circle
  2. Apply contours, blush and highlight. On the cheeks, forehead and nose top to shaping the face
  3. Apply eye shadow and eyeliners. For the school look choose simple colour and choose more pop up color for events. Add on mascara after.
  4. Lip balm and lips (any color match the look)
  5. Setting the look with powder and spray.

I have find one YouTube tutorials(3) and trying to practice with the procedures of the look in the video.

Here is my progress

The first time I have tried was unsuccessful because the colour on my face was too weak. So I tried to change the colour into orange and tried couple times with different colour of eyeshadow and changed the tone of the makeup with my skin colour. I have learned to use more strong colour on my eye and natural colour for the lips. The second challenge for me was to apply eyeliner because I don’t have enough practices. The shape always came out uneven. From my friends opinion, most of them like the second look that I have tried.

To conclude for this week, I have discovered lots of interesting points about cosmetics. During my practice, I have found my weakness. And I hope that on the next week, I will have a mature skill in eyeliner and eye shadow. I still need to practice more times and also believe in my self.




Personal Learning Challenge Plan- Week1

This post is about personal Learning Challenge in EDCI335.

One of my favourite thing to do in my spare time is watching YouTube videos about makeup tutorials. I have always been interested in makeup. In my opinion makeup is not only about appearance, it also involves courage and creativity. The concept of makeup is to modify people’s appearance through cosmetics, tools and techniques. People using makeup to gain confidence. For example, a lot of actors, stars, and professionals want to achieve a successful career, they need to apply makeup to attend events and shows. This is not only a kind of respect for others, but also a respect for themselves. Some successful makeup artists take years to practice their techniques.  An excellent makeup artist should first have a keen eye for observation. They can discover the beauty of each person’s own conditions, and then enlarge their beauty close to perfection. However, to finish one complete makeup routine takes a long time to practice.

I have never done a full makeup. My goal for the next five weeks is to learn to apply a full makeup and create two looks that are suitable for school and events. I only had some basic untrained experience before. After this challenge, I want to gain more knowledge on the tools, products and the procedures of a makeup look. I also want to know more about the history and concept of makeup. I well document my learning challenge through photos and videos.

Through this personal learning challenge, I will engage my experience with encoding, consolidation, and retrieval.(1) Also I will use technologies to document the progress.   First I will do some research on the backgrounds of makeup. Understanding the use of each cosmetic.  I also need to browse through a lot of looks online or in magazines and books. I can discuss with my friends and see their opinion on the looks.

After we choose the looks, I will watch makeup tutorials and learn from their techniques. Adjust the looks with my past experiences. Consolidation with my experience with the tutorials. (2)

Then I have to practice the procedures. I can practice before I go to school and get feedback of the look from my classmates.  I can also practice on my friends face to see if the look is suitable for everyone.  I will document my practice and compare my first attempts and my final attempts.

Finally record my last makeup and assess the look to see if it is going to be successful. I can receive feedback from my friends. I can get immediate feedback from them. Based on B.F. Skinner’s approach(3), I can get feedback from their positive or negative review.


(2) image :



About Me

My name is Serena Tang. I am a fourth year undergraduate student in University of Victoria. My major is economics in social science. I have taken other online learning courses before inside and outside the school. I choose EDCI 335 course as an elective class. I am very interesting in online teaching while using lots of new technologies. After I graduate, I wanted to pursue my career as a web designer.

 My hobbies are listening music, dancing, and drawing. I am also hoping to learn to cook and bake someday. I started to play flute and dance since pre-school. I also really want to have a cute poppy in after I finish school.  I also love gardening and swimming. These are activities I always do after school.

My mother used to be a teacher and I got very interested in teaching through her.  I love watching her preparing for classes. She always came up with interest ideas. I also enjoy making class props with her.

One of my favourite learning experiences

One of my favourite learning experiences was my high school cooking class. The teacher was very patient and nice. Her class instructions were clearly and she always demonstrated all the procedures first.   Even though I have never cooked before, I could easily follow up with her. The class was something I have never done before. It encourages us to do it on our own and increase our operational ability. After we finished the class, we share our food with other students and giving feedback to each other. It was a great way to helping others. Also the teacher encouraged us to working in groups of cooking and cleaning. As a group member, we have to take different responsibilities and help each others to complete the task. From this learning experiences, I have learned to be active, taken responsibilities and helping others. Most importantly I have learned a lot about cooking.

To conclude, I am very excited in learning new things and looking forward to study more in this class.